Corporate Environmental Responsibility (CER)

We are fully committed to carrying out our production activities in a responsible way giving utmost importance to environment protection.

Some of the measures include persistent efforts to reduce pollution organically via our Effluent Treatment Plant (comprising of bio aeration tanks, neutralization tank, clarification tank with sand and charcoal beds,) and regular monitoring of environment (air and water).

Our Scrubber systems are specifically designed to neutralize any harmful gases which may be emitted during the production process. Hence preventing air pollution by avoiding any unwanted pollutant to be released in the air due to our activity.

We have also tied up with waste management and disposal companies to help us overcome challenges with disposal of wastes.

BEIL (Bharuch Enviro Technology Limited)

BEIL specializes in operating landfill sites (Industrial Hazardous Waste) Common Incineration facilities on BOO basis.

Since 1998, BEIL has developed Centralized Secured Landfill facility at Anklehswar, Gujarat & so far it has collected 5,00,000 MT of Solid / Hazardous Waste and disposed in 68 acres plot area.

The facility at BEIL is the first of its kind of TSDF site in india, certfied under ISO 14001.
Incineration Division:
BEIL has set up the Common incineration facility at Ankleshwar with the aid of MoEF and Government of India. This common incineration is designed to meet the draft norms prescribed by the CPCb for various parameters of operation and emissions.

NCT (Narmada Clean Tech)

Our primary treated effluent waste is handled by NCT

NCT provides industries in the Ankleshwar Industrial Estate with a long-term solution to the effluent disposal issue.

NCT operates a Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) whose operations comprises of a Final Effluent Treatment Plant to receive and polish treated effluent from Ankleshwar Industrial estate and then convey this effluent into deep sea in the Gulf of Khambhat, where it is discharged through scientifically designed diffuser, where instantaneous dispersion and large dilutions exists.  This system is in operation since end of 2006.  The permitted capacity of this installation is 40 MLD.

Regular surveys in the receiving ocean area are conducted to monitor the quality. These surveys have indicated that no adverse impact is found on the aquatic life and eco system.